Ergonomic Office Chairs – One Size Does Not Fit All

The science of ergonomics has increased in leaps and bounds in recent years as research has proven that people working behind desks are hurting themselves with poor posture caused by bad seating. The number of available products has increased as well, as it is becoming more well-known that an ergonomic office chair is necessary to maintain back health. The ergonomics industry in general has grown as there is more interest with individual health by employee and employer as well. There is a lot more involved in providing the best seating than simply purchasing a chair with an ergonomic design; they should be custom fit to an individual which make finding the right one so very important.
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Best Ways to Adjust an Ergonomic Office Chair

Using an ergonomic office chair is one of the best ways to prevent workplace-related injuries for anyone required to work behind a desk for many hours. While conventional seating may seem adequate, studies and research have proven that unless seating provides specific, necessary support, health-related issues are likely at some time. For those who work at a desk and are suffering from lower back pain, numbness in the hands or feet, neck pain, pinched nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other conditions, poor seating is often the cause which is where ergonomic chairs come to the rescue.
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What Do You Know About Office Sitting and Seating?

When it comes to office seating, there is a lot more involved in using the best ergonomic chairs than meets the eye. In order to be as comfortable and productive as possible when seated at a desk, there has to be an adjustable, well-fitted support to match every individual size and shape. Ergonomically designed seating and workstations take into consideration: how people sit; no two people are the same; and to prevent workplace injury, the right seating is essential.
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Great OSHA Information About Ergonomic Seating

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA was formed in 1971 by the Department of Labor to protect workers from on the job hazards, providing rules and regulations by which employers are expected to adhere. Its main duty is to keep employees safe by providing appropriate safety regulations and training that govern all United State industries from construction work to jobs with little apparent risk such as office work. As odd as it may sound, there are very high rates of work related injuries in seemingly innocent jobs like office work, mostly due to a lack of ergonomic seating at unfit workstations.
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Learn About Ergonomic Seating History

For as long as furniture has been in existence, mankind has tried to make it more comfortable by continually improving its design. It is believed human beings created what would be considered furniture today as early as 3100 BC, although thankfully today’s versions are much more comfortable than those from the Neolithic period. Through all of this, designs were being updated as part of a continual search for comfort. So many people sit behind desks for such a substantial part of the workday, making ergonomic seating a very important factor in modern day office furnishings as well as the continued development of health-conscious products.
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Why Purchase Ergonomic Chairs?

In order to fully appreciate the value of ergonomics chairs and the benefits to be gained by them, it must be realized that there are different types of users, each facing different comfort issues. Employers and employees alike should never underestimate how important correct seated posture is in promoting good health and increased productivity. Ergonomic seating allows each user to comfortably sit in an individually-designed chair regardless of physical attributes or sitting style.
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Spinal Health and Ergonomic Chairs

While the critical relationship between a healthy spine and overall health is generally understood, when it comes to seating, this important relationship is often ignored. Without an ergonomics chair, the spine is most likely suffering which can lead from muscle soreness and neck pain to ongoing health problems that occur secondary to a back that is out of adjustment from sitting in the wrong chair for long periods of time. Considering the amount of time spent seated behind computers and desks today, this little detail can make the difference between having a productive day or being uncomfortable for hours at work and even after the workday has ended. For this reason, having the right ergonomic chair is an essential part of any well-equipped workstation.
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What Parts Make Up an Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs are a great aid for anyone working long hours while seated. By promoting good posture and correct body angles, therapeutic seating can drastically reduce the excess strain the human body withstands when forced to sit in one place for long periods of time. A properly-fit ergo chair can be an office worker’s best friend, enabling concentration and productivity while preventing chronic pain and workplace injury.
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The Value of An Ergonomic Chair to a Comfortable Workstation

Working in comfort is an essential part of good productivity, which is something that every company should know. While the expense of an ergonomic chair for every employee might seem excessive, studies have shown that ergonomic workstations pay for themselves very quickly, making them a very valid alternative. When employees are required to sit for hours at a time, providing healthful, comfortable seating will allow for work to get done without the interruption of pain and discomfort. It would be helpful for an office to provide the best ergonomic chairs that can be done.
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