Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

Alera Elusion Mesh Back Chair



This ergonomic mesh back desk chair is ideal for the busy professional that desires a balance between luxury and efficiency. This mesh back chair offers a reasonably curved seat and comfortable high back along with an exchangeable seat pan that promotes ideal ergonomic posture. Settle on this ergonomic seat if you wish to enhance daily production.

Alera Elusion Mesh Back Chair
Multifunction mechanism with seat glide allows back angle adjustment relative to seat, adjustable tilt (free floating or infinite locking positions) and forward tilt. Cool, breathable mesh back. Contoured seat cushion with premium fabric upholstery and waterfall edge to help relieve pressure on legs. Height- and width-adjustable arms with soft polyurethane pads. Five-star base with casters for easy mobility. Recommended Applications: General Office & Task; Features & Functions: 360° Swivel; Asynchronous Control; Back Height Adjustment; Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment; Seat Glide Mechanism; Tilt; Tilt Lock; Tilt Tension; Arms Included: Yes; Back Width Minimum: N/A.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Best Value So Far!
By wheresrobert

This is based on a short-term experience with the Alera Elusion Chair.

I never thought that I would do as much research on chairs, but it took me a few weeks before I finally decided to purchase this chair unseen. My faux leather highback chair’s seat cover had torn apart and was really making the skin on my thighs feel really painful! After doing more research, I discovered a whole new world of ergonomic chairs, Herman Miller, and the importance of lumbar support! Now I can understand why someone would spend $600 or more on a chair. This chair is no where near that price range. The quality might surprise you however.

I usually never purchase a product like this without being able to try it out first, because like clothing some things may look nice in pictures but not in person. It may not fit you right, or look and feel cheap. Then because you ordered it online it’s such a hassle to return something. Especially when it’s something big and heavy.

While there were not a lot of reviews for this chair available, I finally decided to pull the trigger because of a video review of the Alera Elusion chair I found on Youtube. The girl did a really quick review of the chair, but it was enough to give me an idea of the scale based on her height, which I believe was 5’5″. Since I’m about the same, I decide that this would at least be a chair that would suit me based solely on that factor alone, and the fact that she had mentioned the chair was a great value with smooth motion and comfort.

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I have to give credit to Discount Office Items/UPS, who literally delivered the chair the next day and had a great price. I ordered it Wednesday, it was at my house Thursday. I’m not sure where they are based in California, but that was a turnaround even Netflix couldn’t shake a stick at. I do feel guilty about not ordering it from the store of the girl who reviewed the chair, and while they do state on there website that they can do price matching, I really needed the chair immediately and just couldn’t wait.

Unboxing the chair, I could tell that the parts are of good quality. Once the chair was assembled, it felt very sturdy with no unusual play in movement, and it was heavy compared to the usual rickety computer/task chairs you sit in at your friend’s house so that was a good sign that would hopefully traslate into being more stable.
Assembly was pretty easy and straightforward, I would say the only thing you might need beside the allen wrenches that were provided is a philips screwdriver for two screws that attach a cover to the back of the chair. But all in all, assembly was easy and there are honestly only a couple of bolts you need to use the allen wrenches for. A lot easier than I had originally anticipated.

After using the chair for a little bit, I happy to report that the chair feels very stable and solid all around. I don’t think that there are any real weaknesses in the materials, and the quality seems consistent. All the mechanisms for adjustment work smoothly and intuitively, and the controls feel very strong and solid when compared with some higher priced chairs that I tried that have some plastic handles that I’m worried might break if I’m turning it the wrong way.

The seat is well cushioned and thick, flat with a slight contouring in the seat that I’m guessing provides less pressure on you when your sitting down. It’s actually wider than the Herman Miller Aeron “A” size that I’ve used at work for almost ten years. I think it’s firm, not too hard or too soft. For me, I think it’s comfortable while providing ample support without being too “pillowy” to the point where you feel like your sinking.. The chair has seat glide, so the depth can be adjusted to match the length of your thighs, to me, this is what sold me on this chair. I noticed that there is a little bit of bunching of the cover at the bottom front two corners of the cushion, but it’s hardly noticeable and not distracting or ghastly.

The seat has a mesh back. It feels comfortable and compares well with the Aeron I use. It doesn’t have any adjustable lumbar support, although there is a slight inward curvature at the base of the seat back. The part that is adjustable, and I didn’t know about this, is that the seat back has some height adjustment! Not only that, the control is so easy to use. I was really starting to feel impressed with the value of this chair at that point. So, you do have some height adjustment (only about 2 inches max from its lowest setting)with the seat back. It may not sound like a lot, but it made a difference for me. Hey, at least it has some. Just remember this is the mid back version, I think there is a high back version as well.

I think the only real con with the chair, if I had to choose, would be the armrests. The armrests are height adjustable, and you can adjusted outward about one inch, but there is no easy control for that. You have to loosen the doornob screw at the bottom, pull it out more, and tighten. Not hard, but it’s just not readily available. Once you have it set, most likely once you have it set, you wont be adjusting this at all. If you do decide want to have an extra inch, the armrest will not feel as stable/secure as when it is layed up right against the seat. There will be some horizontal play. Not too bad though I think. Compared with the Aeron, the Aeron’s arms are more study and secure and has more cushion on the armrests. The angle that the armrests are pointing can be adjusted inward and outward, something I wish this could do, but I’m just being picky. You arms will be just fine with the cushion provided. To be honest, the arms are at least par for the course. Also, sometimes when wanting to adjust the recline, I accidently pull the seat tilt because it’s right next to it and it will tilt to it’s default setting which is forward. Just mind this when adjusting recline or you will have to reset your seat tilt.

I do wish that the manufacturer provided more color options with the chair as well. I was really attracted to the modern style chairs with vibrant colors, but unfortunately, I couldn’t swing those prices. I also wished that the seat was mesh as well, because I think mesh is more comfortable and keeps you cool, but again, I would have to spend more. As a few days have passed, the look of this chair is actually growing on me. The style is understated, black with a certain industrial soundness with it’s multiple levers that gives off a sense of a solid working mechanical machine.

I wouldn’t recommend this chair so someone who is shorter than 5’4″-5’5″, because your back might not be able to reach the back of the chair, and therefore you won’t have optimal back support. Since your back can’t reach the seat correctly, the back of your knees will be in direct contact with the seat front, which is also not preferred. In this case I think, it doesn’t seem like as big a deal since the seat front is not hard, but if it was a mesh with a plastic frame it would be more uncomforable. Also, your feet won’t be able to lay flat on the floor. I’m 5’4″ and I have the chair height and back set at the lowest setting and my feet barely lay flat on the floor.

Overall, I think this chair is a super value based on it’s features and build quality, not to mention the price when compared to other task chairs that don’t have some of it’s key features. I say it compares well with the basic Aeron in overall feel/quality and value once you consider the price difference (although this doesn’t have a mesh seat), I just hope it’s as durable as the Aeron I’ve used for almost 10 years without a hiccup.

In summary based on a short-term experience,

Seat Glide (can adjust seat depth)
Seat back height adjustment
Build Quality
Easy Assembly

Arm rests cannot be adjusted easily on the fly, could use more cushion
Seat length and chair height will be hard to accommodate people shorter than 5’4″
Wish the seat material was mesh, but that’s a personal preference
No lumbar or adjustable lumbar support

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ My Whole Body Said Ahhhh!
By Shay

I received the chair in four days and two of those days were weekend days. I chose the Free Super Saver shipping. I live in an out of the way rural area and it usually takes 2 days from town. That is the best delivery time I have ever had for an Amazon order in 19 years. That’s saying alot since I have only been unhappy once in those 19 years with shipping time.

I unpacked the box. All the parts were there, nothing was damaged. The ‘instructions’ aren’t great, but they aren’t poor. They are just pictures so its harder to tell if the chair is assembled correctly and there are no helpful hints. I had some minor problems getting the chair-back on, but after fiddling with the chair and back adjustments, taking the arms off, and asking my husband to put it on it only took a few minutes.

This is the most adjustable chair I have ever owned. I researched chairs with the same functionality and the cheapest, even mediocre reviewed chair was in the mid $700’s. Since its my first chair with these adjustments, I cannot offer experience with this quality of chair, and it is a quality chair. However, I can tell you in 60 seconds if its not going to work ergonomically because I have alot of experience with bad chairs. I have been to urgent care with seized muscles, had muscles deteriorate and been in alot of pain. This is a good chair. I work from home, do the finances, and run a business out of my office. I spend 16-18 hours a day five days a week, and 8-10 hours on the weekend in my desk chair. I not only compared online prices, functionality and reviews, I drove around to many stores and sat in every chair I found.

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From the moment I first sat in it, I knew it was the best office chair I had ever sat it even though I spent 20 years in corporate America with firms that had high incidents of carpal tunnel and were always replacing chairs, desk set-ups etc. to try and reduce the incidents. Every time I sit down in it, I spontaneously utter ‘Ahhhh’.

I have only been sitting in the chair for about 6 hours, but my whole body feels better. I am 5’9″ and I usually have to sit towards the front of the chair with my back unsupported, even with chairs that say they have lumbar support. Not with this one.

This is a good chair and certainly the most bang for my buck that I have ever found in an office chair. I am very happy with my purchase.

Say Hello to Comfort

At last. A chair that is exactly what your body has been aching for — literally. The Alera Elusion Mesh Midback Multifunction Chair has it all!



Cool and Breathable Mesh Back

Say goodby to sweaty back and bottoms due to non-breathable materials! Stay cool and dry with the breathable mesh back of the Alera Elusion.

Fully Adjustable Arms

Pain and aches from your old chairs will be forgotten once you start using this ergonomic chair! The Alera Elusion Mid Back Ergonomic chair’s arms are fully adjustable for all your needs.



Adjustable Seat

Instead of dealing with the way your current chair is positioned, why not adjust it? The Alera Elusion has a fully adjustable seat pan.

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