ergonomics_chairsWhile the critical relationship between a healthy spine and overall health is generally understood, when it comes to seating, this important relationship is often ignored. Without an ergonomics chair, the spine is most likely suffering which can lead from muscle soreness and neck pain to ongoing health problems that occur secondary to a back that is out of adjustment from sitting in the wrong chair for long periods of time. Considering the amount of time spent seated behind computers and desks today, this little detail can make the difference between having a productive day or being uncomfortable for hours at work and even after the workday has ended. For this reason, having the right ergonomic chair is an essential part of any well-equipped workstation.

Why Seating Comfort Matters

Anyone who sits for long periods can attest that inexpensive, poorly designed chairs are a pain, literally. After hours and days in the same inferior chair, many will begin to suffer from pain, numbness and other symptoms caused by the excess strain of continually sitting in a less natural manner, with little to no back or neck support. Lumbar and arm support are two of the most important points in ergonomic design, which is devised to both keep the back in line and weight off the neck and shoulders, reducing the chance of discomfort and injury.

When forced to sit without the benefit of an ergonomics chair, all of this can have dramatic effects, not just on a person’s seated comfort but overall physical health as well. Since lumbar support is so important to general well-being and good health, the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and the HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society) have created standards for ergonomic seating design. Even though occupational injury may sound like something that only happens when someone falls or is hurt in some seemingly more substantial way while on the job, in actuality poor seating is a primary culprit. The number of people who end up visiting a doctor or chiropractor each year because of poor ergonomic conditions can be surprising.

Harm From Poor Seating

By not using ergonomic chairs, individuals end up sitting in positions that create unnecessary and repeated stress to the arms, back, neck and all associated muscles, tendons and ligaments, caused by poor lumbar spine posture as well as weight pulling down on the upper spine, shoulders and neck. Over time, this can cause vertebra to come out of alignment, tendons and ligaments to either stretch or tighten up unnaturally, and muscles to become sore. The snowball effect that continues on can include permanent damage to the nerves or spine from poor seated posture, circulation and digestive difficulties, neurological problems, and many other serious concerns, all because the spine lacks much-needed support.

Protects the Sensitive Spine

Correctly adjusted ergonomic seating can really make a difference in the ability to be productive as well as alleviate maladies that don’t appear to be related to poor seating posture. By having the lower back properly supported with a lumbar support and arms rested so there is no weight pulling on the shoulders and the neck or upper spine, unnecessary stress is removed and seating is not only more comfortable but healthier. Leg numbness, neck soreness, and many other discomforts indicating that seating is inferior and needs to be remedied will disappear, allowing for feeling better physically, even after hours of sitting.

While it is true that an ergonomic chair can carry a large price tag, it is important to remember it is not just any chair. It is a chair representing countless hours of ergonomic development that will be the best chair for the money, one that will promote spinal health which is the basis of all health!

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