ergonomic_chairsWorking in comfort is an essential part of good productivity, which is something that every company should know. While the expense of an ergonomic chair for every employee might seem excessive, studies have shown that ergonomic workstations pay for themselves very quickly, making them a very valid alternative. When employees are required to sit for hours at a time, providing healthful, comfortable seating will allow for work to get done without the interruption of pain and discomfort. It would be helpful for an office to provide the best ergonomic chairs that can be done.


Since office work involves lengthy periods seated behind a desk or computer, stress on the body can happen, as odd as that mean. Prolonged periods spent seated on chairs without adequate lumbar, arm and general posture support can create motion injuries caused by having to compensate for bad-seated posture. In increasing number, workers are seeking medical attention for various problems developing from constant bad posture. Weakened back and shoulder muscles and lack of shoulder and neck support can attribute to back and neck problems, poor circulation, pinched nerves, repetitive motion injuries, and much more. This adds to increased employee sick days and higher insurance premiums for employers.

When added up, adjustable workstations start to sound more appealing. Correct seating position alone can alleviate most of the above problems, so it is well worth taking a closer look and considering upgrading office seating to include ergonomic chairs.


The main concept of ergonomics is that no two people are the same so no two chairs will likely be adjusted the same for different people. When searching for the best ergonomic chair, greater importance should be placed on the ability to adjust as necessary to obtain the desired support. Good, adjustable chairs will have easy to use controls, smooth swivel and turning, wheels or casters that work on the type of flooring that is present, a lumbar support and armrests, and a seat that is padded and shaped so as to not cause numbness, pain or prevent the crossing of the legs in any way. A chair should also be covered in breathable, non-slip fabric to allow being properly seated without sliding.


Before gaining benefit from an ergonomic chair, proper adjustment must be known. By fitting a chair seat and armrests to the correct height, the lumbar support and seat angle can be adjusted to create an ideal seated position. With feet flat on the floor or on a footrest and the seat at the right height and angle, it is possible to maintain good seated posture which will drastically decrease the chances of a workplace-related injury. To get the best results, an adjustable ergonomic desk can complement a fully adjustable chair, creating the most comfortable, healthy working environment individually adjustable to fit every employee as if made just for them.

So before discounting the idea of upgrading office workstations, it is highly recommended to review all supporting information showing the many benefits of ergonomics in an office. At the very least, an ergonomic chair for each employee is a substantial improvement and investment toward increased employee health, and overall improved efficiency and profitability!

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